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Lipman Releases Song Book

from the Medford Citizen

Nationally-acclaimed storyteller and musician Doug Lipman, a Medford resident, has just released We All Go Together, the first all-in-one source book for using folk songs with children. (Note: I now live in Edmond, OK)

Far more than folk songs, this collection provides a unique, integrated view of music-making including:

  • games,
  • movements,
  • creative activities and
  • curricular tie-ins.
The simplest activities are perfect for preschoolers; the most complicated work well for 10- 11-year-olds.

If you can't read music or carry a tune, Lipman's text and accompanying audio-cassette will allow you to bring the joy of music to children. On the other hand, if you're an experienced music teacher, this collection will add 30 unusual versions of folk songs and 140 activities to your repertoire.

Over 10 years in the making, We All Go Together presents everything Lipman has learned about working creatively with children as a professional storyteller, musician, pre-school teacher, and music teacher.

Beginning with the premise that anyone can lead music activities with children, he gently guides the reader, with wisdom and wit, through every possible aspect of music-making.

An experienced coach of oral communication, he anticipates reader's questions such as:

  • Once you've chosen a song to learn, how do you learn it?
  • How do you present a song as a listening activity?
  • How do you teach a song with an activity?
  • How do you teach a game?
  • What about making up new verses to the songs?"

Lipman walks you through every possible type of game:

  • chasing,
  • choosing,
  • guessing,
  • hiding,
  • rhythm, and
  • line and circle games.

With mathematical precision he begins with the simplest pre-school versions, building gradually to challenging play-parties for grades 4 through 6.

Lipman understands that "Moving while singing is as natural as singing itself." Lipman's movement activities help children develop:

  • their repertory of movement possibilities,
  • control over their own movements,
  • understanding of their movements and their rhythmic abilities.
He has even created two guided relaxation exercises, each using a different song.

The 30 folk songs in the collection represent African-American and Anglo-American traditions with samples from these folk cultures:

  • Hispanic-American,
  • Bulgarian,
  • English,
  • Irish,
  • Israeli,
  • Jamaican,
  • Korean and
  • Ghanaian
The chapter entitled "Curricular Background and Follow-Up Activities" use these songs as starting points for exploring wide areas of the historical geographical and multi-cultural curriculum.

The accompanying cassette contains all 30 folk songs, sung and played by a variety of voices, children and adults, showcasing 15 different folk instruments.

from the Medford Citizen, Thursday, September 1, 1994
Reprinted by permission



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