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How to Prepare For a Coaching Workshop

Led by Doug Lipman

Welcome! I'm glad you're coming!

This article covers:

What To Do Before You Come
What to Bring With You


What To Do Before You Come

1. Think about what help you most need. You may want to:

  • tell a story or fragment of a story.
    Keep in mind that longer stories leave less time to be coached. If what you most need help with requires you to tell a one-hour story, we'll find a way to let you do that - but you'd get more appreciations and/or suggestions if you summarized the plot or told an excerpt.
  • talk through an idea for a story.
    Don't think that you can't get Doug's help with a story just because it isn't ready to tell yet.
  • get help with a performance issue or emotional block.
    If the issue is "getting disconnected from the story," for example, you may want to talk about your experiences instead of actually telling. Of course, it may make sense to also tell a story or excerpt. Just don't think that coaching requires you to tell. Do what makes sense, given your needs.
  • get help with publicity, career plans, or next steps
    Doug will be happy to help you with the mechanics of publicity as well as with the concepts behind it - including your vision, goals, & your exploration of available resources.

At a multi-day workshop, you'll have more than one turn to be coached - so you can get help with a story one time, and an issue another. Use your best judgement about what would help you most. The final day may be devoted to planning for the future: what is your vision of storytelling in your life, what goals can bring you toward that vision, what it makes sense to do next, and what help do you need?

If deciding how to use Doug's help is difficult, bring a list of possibilities, and Doug will help you choose!

2. (Optional) Read from Doug's book, The Storytelling Coach. Or view his video, Coaching Storytellers. Or read Doug's article, Friendly Persuasion


What to Bring With You

  • paper, writing supplies

  • tape recorder and cassettes (optional, but a useful aid to help you remember your ideas and work from each session)

  • any versions of, or notes for, the stories (or brochures, lists of issues, career plans, etc.) you may want to work on.

  • clothing, etc.

    • comfortable clothing

    • hiking shoes, rain wear, swim suit & towel-in season

  • food, if you don't want to order out.

See you soon!



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This page was last updated on Friday, November 28, 2003
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