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Quotes from the Press

Praise for Doug Lipman
Praise for Doug's Publications

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Praise for Doug Lipman

"To hear Doug to want to learn to tell stories yourself."
- Boston Globe

"Presents a thoughtful framework that can apply to anyone whose livelihood depends on keeping an audience rapt, including lawyers, teachers, and sales people."
- Publishers Weekly

"Lipman provides inspiration to take charge of storytelling's future."
- School Library Journal

"A rock-steady presence...finding eager eyes and ears."
- Washington Post

"Lipman is among those bring storytelling into the present."
- Christian Science Monitor

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Praise for Doug’s Publications

Improving Your Storytelling:
Beyond the Basics for All Who Tell Stories in Work or Play (book)
"Lipman's down-to-earth approach allows for flexibility rather than an emphasis on memorization...In addition to a sensitive discussion of how to build a relationship with an audience, he also focuses on the importance of warm-up techniques to reduce tension, and numerous anti-anxiety techniques. The best result? In storytelling, as in life, one must 'combine the knowledge of how to work toward transformation with the patience to let it happen out of your control.'"
- Publishers Weekly

The Storytelling Coach:
How to Listen, Praise, and Bring Out People's Best (book)
"The lessons are applicable in education and in the workplace. A master teacher shares how a good coach elicits the best from storytellers, and how those same techniques can be used in many different situations."
- The Bloomsbury Review

Coaching Storytellers:
A Demonstration Workshop For All Who Use Oral Communication (81-minute video)
"Doug Lipman, an experienced storyteller known for his many audio-cassettes, creates such a positive learning atmosphere in this storytelling workshop that his students invariably feel at ease....With a polished delivery, the multi-faceted Lipman guides others to success in their storytelling efforts."
- Booklist

The Soul of Hope:
Traditional Jewish Imagery for Contemporary Issues of Leadership, Connectedness, and Perfecting Our World. (2-hour audio-cassette recording)
"Explores the human dilemma of wanting to change the world while feeling inadequate to the task."
- Boston Sunday Globe

"A fascinating story...about combating despair, finding hope, and transforming the world. It's a spiritual adventure and a Jewish mystical epic."
- Boston Globe



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