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Note: there is no currently scheduled "Marketing That Really Works" workshop. The Pasadena workshop in March of 2005 was cancelled due to schedule conflicts.

Looking for marketing information? Check out the Marketing That Really Works recording, and the Marketing Your Way program.

Looking for workshops in Pasadena in March, 2005? Check out my list of workshops.

Marketing That Really Works - for Storytellers

A Three-and-a-half-day Workshop

Triple-Profit Guarantee!

I guarantee that you'll earn at least three times the cost of this program—as a direct result of what you learn—within 6 months of the end of this program. Or I'll refund every cent you paid!

"I am already a successful storyteller and marketer. But I was able to use a single idea from Doug's seminar to get eight new bookings, the very next day!" - Kathi Gathercole, Miami, FL




I believe in the power of storytelling to better our world. For years, I felt that "marketing" was a bad word, that it involved selling out what I believe in as an artist. At the best, it seemed like a diversion from my "real work."

More recently, I've come to understand that we can't really transform the world unless we become intelligent about reaching those people who are eager to hear what we have to offer. Until we master a form of marketing that's based on relationships and honesty. That makes our message available to those who are receptive to it.

In short, creative communication about our storytelling is part of our work. It's actually a key requirement for our movement to succeed.

For the last 5 years, this problem has been on my mind. I've tried out many new ideas - some of which have succeeded, some of which have not. In the end, though, I've discovered principles and techniques that make me hopeful about the possibility of applying what storytellers know, to the very process of making ourselves known. In short, I've become excited about a new approach to marketing.

This new approach to marketing my storytelling is based on several key principles, including:

  • Building relationships with potential customers based on mutual respect, not "selling."
  • Stimulating prospective customers to come to me, through Attraction Marketing.
  • Understanding the nature of being a very small business, with very limited funds. And turning these limitations into advantages.
  • Meeting the ongoing needs of "old" customers.
  • Building every step of a marketing plan on my strengths - on what I like to do, and do well.

In June, 2002, I gave a two-hour telephone seminar, outlining the principles and a few key techniques. But that's not enough time to help even one person create a comprehensive approach to promulgating their art to those who are most receptive to it.

So I've created a three-and-a-half-day intensive, which was first held in March, 2003, in California. Based on the success of that workshop, I've decided to offer it again this March 25-28, 2005.

"How did I benefit from the Pasadena workshop? I have put it into place in my personal life in many ways...I took more chances...I am making more money and getting more work than ever.

What you covered will keep me busy for quite some time. I can't think of anything that could improve this workshop. Truly , you did an excellent job, Doug. Thank you." - Regi Carpenter, Ithaca, NY

What You'll Learn

Here are some of the things this workshop will cover:

  • How to build on-going relationships with customers who come back year after year.
  • How to make more money by meeting people's real needs.
  • Why cold calls are inefficient (not to mention unpleasant), and what to do instead.
  • How to use your storytelling-related abilities of imagining, empathizing, and communicating in the service of making a good living.
  • Five common advertising mistakes - and how not to make them.
  • How to stop chasing after folks who don't want you and attract the ones who do.
  • The four requirements for your ideal market.
  • How to create certain kinds of new products and services quickly and easily.
  • The secret you must know before you spend money on a brochure.
  • The biggest money-losing mistake that most storytellers - and small business owners of all kinds - make. And how to avoid it.

This list is only a part of what the workshop will cover.

This workshop is LIMITED TO FIVE participants! I am purposely keeping it small, to make sure that each person leaves with a complete, personalized approach to transforming the business side of your storytelling life.

"During the workshop, I suddenly had a personal revelation about how much of my energy and time gets siphoned off by activities that do not advance me towards achieving my dream. I came away far more committed to achieving what I really want....I have found it much easier to say no to things which do not advance my major goals. I am getting more accomplished - and really nurturing my relationships with my peers." - Connie Dodge, Atlanta, GA


I have already helped others adapt this approach to their own needs.

I am so certain that you will benefit from these techniques and principles, that I'm offering a "TRIPLE PROFIT GUARANTEE."

Here's the guarantee: If, in the six months following the workshop, you do not earn AT LEAST three times the cost of the workshop - as a direct result of what you learn - I will refund your entire tuition. In order to get this crucial information about promoting storytelling into your hands, I'm willing to assume all the financial risk, myself. There is no financial risk to you, at all!

"Since our last session I have been quite busy with my business bringing in $ between the raindrops this summer so I can have a security blanket for a tour I am planning for next summer. I have more clearly defined my market and distilled it...and am familiar with the specific benefits I have to offer. Thanks again for your support!" -Wesley August, Moultonboro, NH


The "catch" is that this workshop is not for everybody. To take advantage of this information, you need to be solid enough in your storytelling that you can really meet the needs of your listeners. That you've learned enough about storytelling to be ready to take it into the world.

To be sure you're not just wasting your (and my) money and time, I require you to fill out an application. (No commitment at this stage!) Upon approval, I'll let you know how to secure your place.


If you think you are ready to increase your earnings from storytelling and improve the "match" between you and the work you do, request an application on the web or email me for an application: .

I look forward to hearing from you. I believe that our movement will grow best if more and more of us overcome our prejudices against marketing and learn to spread the word effectively.

Yours in storytelling


"I loved your workshop and the way you so gently and positively worked with us. I am so full of your excellent attention! I appreciate all you did to help me on my path to publication." - Gail Herman, Swanton, MD

"I am amazed at your business skills along with your knowledge of the world and the powers of storytelling. Keep doing what you do best!" - Mary Jo Huff, Newburgh, Indiana

P.S., First come, first served. Don't kick yourself all year because you waited too long to apply! Just email me for an application or request an application on the web.

P.S.#2, You must complete your application and be accepted before you can reserve your place. And don't forget the Triple Profit Guarantee! You are guaranteed to make at least three times the $895 tuition - or I'll give you back every penny you paid!



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