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Services for Ministers and Clergy

by Doug Lipman

Doug Lipman, photoStorytelling: A Key Component of Every Faith

I am married to a Protestant minister, Pam McGrath. Alone (or with Pam) I offer a variety of workshops, online courses, and consultations for ministers, pastors, and other clergy.

Pam and I lived in Oklahoma from 2004-2009, where we offered numerous workshops for pastors in the Disciples of Christ and other denominations. Since we moved to New England in 2009, Pam has served at a United Church of Christ congregation. I continue to offer in-person workshops and coaching, as well as distance classes.

Several of my email newsletters are likely to be of interest to clergy, as well.

In-Person Workshops for Clergy

I have offered in-person workshops such as:

Telephone/Web Courses for Clergy

I also offer online/phone courses, including:

Newsletters of Special Interest to Clergy

Clergy may be interested in these newsletters (some are monthly, some are occasional):

  • Story Dynamics logo: one candle lights anothereTips from the Storytelling Coach
    A monthly newsletter of tips, techniques, and approaches to storytelling, for storytellers of all kinds. Over 130 issues so far!

  • Relationship Storytelling logoRelationship Storytelling
    Build relationships through storytelling at work and at home with this monthly newsletter. This one skill will make your hectic life better, with your children, soul-mate, boss or co-workers, or with your aging parents.

  • Help My People Tell logoHelp My People Tell
    a one-time download of "Seven Obstacles that ordinary people face...When telling their stories to the world—and how to overcome them" plus very occasional announcements of resources related to interviewing and coaching ordinary people to tell their stories
  • logo for Storytelling Games (newsletter)Storytelling Games
    The Storytelling Games Newsletter - a monthly newsletter of Story Games, how to teach them, and how to use them in teaching.

  • Logo for the Professional Storytelling NewsletterThe Professional Storytelling Newsletter (no website yet)
    A monthly newsletter for those who tell as part of their livelihood. What are your options for earning income as a professional teller? How can you market yourself effectively without becoming the kind of person you don't like?

  • Business Storytelling logoBusiness Storytelling
    a one-time download of "Seven Opportunities You Are Missing If You're Not Using the Power of Storytelling in Your Business" plus very occasional announcements of business-storytelling-related resources

If you have questions or concerns about any of the newsletters, please contact me via my contact form, or use any of the contact information below.

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