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Recording Your Stories

A Report on the State of the Art

by Doug Lipman

You can view this 69-minute web/conference-call free.

Doug Lipman, storytelling teacherI offered a free, 30-minute conference call (with a web component where you could see illustrations of what I described) on four dates in March, 2008.

The subject of this call was "Recording Your Stories: the State of the Art."

I included:

  • Why recordings are more important today than ever.
  • The latest developments in digital recorders for storytellers
  • Microphone options for recording your stories
  • Easy, inexpensive ways to edit your stories - even if you're techno-phobic.
  • After covering those topics briskly but in helpful, illustrated detail, I then spent a little over 4 minutes describing my upcoming How to Record Your Stories course.
  • Then I took questions from those attending the call.

The questions were a highlight, as people asked about everything from "do these mics amplify your voice?" to "Will a lavalier mic work with my Olympus recorder?" and "Will my recording represent me well to my customers?"

To view the video, click the "Play" triangle, above.

Are the slides too small to read? Here are two solutions:

1) You can view them manually (without the audio or the live software demonstration) on my website, at

2) Once the video has loaded fully, you can download the video to your computer and open it. (To download the video, right click in Windows and choose "download" from the pop-up menu—or click the bottom-right triangle in Mac OS X and choose "Save as Source." If those options don't appear in the menu you see, wait a few more minutes while the video loads.)

Once it begins to play, you can resize the screen (depending on the video player on your computer).

Here are some of the links mentioned in the call:

Here are my choices in each category:

View the video for picture of each item, details and other choices!

1. For the cheapest way to get publishable recordings
  • Recorder: Microtrack II ($300-$400)
  • Mic: AT831b Lavalier ($110-$189)
  • Compact Flash card: 2GB ($20-$70)
  • Connecting cable, XLR female to 1/4” male ($20 or so)

Total: $450-$680

2. Substitute a headworn mic

With a headworn AKG c520, instead: add $80-$100

3. Substitute an earset mic

With an earset Countryman E6 instead: add $300-350

4. Audio editing software

Audacity: Free!

I am glad to be able to share this info, which I learned in order to be able to record my own stories and workshops. Enjoy!

Yours in storytelling,

Doug LIpman's signature
Doug Lipman

If you like, I can teach you, step-by-step, to use all this. Guaranteed!

Learn more here.



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This page was last updated on March 29, 2008
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