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The Golden Key

(An “imagination teaser” from the Grimm brothers, referred to in one of my newsletter articles, “The Spark of Your Story Fire.”)

It was winter. The snow was on the ground, and the boy had to go out and haul in firewood on his sled. And when he gathered and loaded it up, he was so cold that he didn’t want to go right back home. He wanted to build a fire to warm himself first.

So, he scraped away some snow from the ground, and under the snow he discovered a golden key. He picked it up. He thought, “Where there is a key there must be a lock!” And so he went digging and digging. And he found an iron box.

He looked for a keyhole. He didn’t see one, but he kept looking. He found one so small he could barely notice it. Will the key fit?

He put the key in the key hole. It fit. He turned it.

And now we’ll have to wait for him to open it, to see what the treasures are, inside.

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