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Normal Knight For A Daydream Too Long, by Rachel Hedman

It was a normal day when a normal knight went on a normal quest for a normal dragon. Even the knight’s name was normal—Sir Lancelot. He wasn’t the Sir Lancelot of the Round Table. “Lancelot” was just a popular name for the times like how today a lot of girls are named Mary and a [...]

Claiming Myself as a Storyteller, by Randi Moe

Claiming myself as a storyteller I was working at the local community college setting up short term job training for folks on public assistance, so I occasionally worked with the office staff of the various deans. The Dean of Instruction’s secretary had worked there forever and knew everything, so she was the one to ask [...]

Angel in My Pocket, by John Armstrong

Standing in front of the mirror, I suddenly noticed a stranger looking back at me. His hairline was almost gone, and the glow of youth had faded away. It hadn’t been long ago that I had said good-bye to my mother and my oldest brother, Virgil. Now I stood looking in a mirror as a [...]

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