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A Story from an Angel: A Tale of Three Stops Along a Path by Steve Vale

A long time ago, I left the faith of my ancestors and went on a spiritual quest to find meaning in life, searching in many places, paths, traditions and practices. But the last place I would have looked (and in fact, the last place I looked) was in the spiritual path I grew up in: [...]

Nipped in the Bud, Thankfully. By Jackson Gillman

My earliest storytelling was while I was part of a cabaret troupe in the summer after graduating college. I had a solo spot in the nightly shows, and was using my mime background to do some original sketches. With some customers returning several times over the summer, there was incentive to keep coming up with [...]

A Tale for Learning, by Paul Dooay

In a time long ago, in a land far away, there was a small community of Buddhist monks. The oldest and wisest of the monks was the Abbot who came from a long line of abbots. However, in the monastery there was a novice, the youngest of the monks, and the first of his family [...]

Breakthrough Story, by Val Adolph

It was my first year as a teacher. Each morning 30 bright, open-faced seven-year old faces greeted me; the responsibility of guiding these wee souls for a whole year overwhelmed me. Each one was so totally unique. Their needs, their talents, their backgrounds were so different. I thought I would never be able to know [...]

About the Breakthrough Story Contest

I held a contest for the best story I received about breakthroughs. The winner was to receive a $50 gift certificate, valid for any products on my web store. In addition, I included the story on this website, along with the author’s bio and a link to the author’s site. And I announced the winner [...]

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