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Your Hidden Storytelling Strengths (part 2)

  Contents: Your Hidden Storytelling Strengths (Part 2) XXXX? (offer) Your Hidden Storytelling Stengths: Part 2 In part 1 of this series, I talked about “effortless strengths,” strengths that are so natural to you that you might not notice them. In part 3, I will describe strengths you have learned to divert in a way [...]

Have You Thanked a Storyteller Today?

Storytelling touches, shapes and enriches our lives at every level, from the individual to the community, the society, and even the survival of our species.

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday (in the U.S.), let’s count some of the blessings that come to us from storytelling. In this first installment, I list fifteen of the benefits of storytelling that relate, first, to our individual development (as children and as adults) and, second, to that precious human endeavor, communication.

The Wonderful View, by Doug Hulen

This is an adaptation of an inspirational anecdote which has circulated for years, the source and author are unknown. This story can give us remarkable insight into just how well our imaginations can work for us, and for others, if we will allow them to do so. Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same [...]

Normal Knight For A Daydream Too Long, by Rachel Hedman

It was a normal day when a normal knight went on a normal quest for a normal dragon. Even the knight’s name was normal—Sir Lancelot. He wasn’t the Sir Lancelot of the Round Table. “Lancelot” was just a popular name for the times like how today a lot of girls are named Mary and a [...]

Claiming Myself as a Storyteller, by Randi Moe

Claiming myself as a storyteller I was working at the local community college setting up short term job training for folks on public assistance, so I occasionally worked with the office staff of the various deans. The Dean of Instruction’s secretary had worked there forever and knew everything, so she was the one to ask [...]

Angel in My Pocket, by John Armstrong

Standing in front of the mirror, I suddenly noticed a stranger looking back at me. His hairline was almost gone, and the glow of youth had faded away. It hadn’t been long ago that I had said good-bye to my mother and my oldest brother, Virgil. Now I stood looking in a mirror as a [...]

Moonflower, by Rachel Hedman

Moonflower by Rachel Hedman At one time the plants existed peacefully in the Garden of Eden, but when Adam and Eve were cast out, there was chaos in the world. Oaks and pines shoved each other’s trunks to get a better position of the sun’s rays and caused battle scars called “knots.” Those can still [...]

Remembering Cliff, by Randi Moe

It was easy. It was easy just to stand there and hold his head up. He often said to me, “This is what you went to college for?” I’d smile and answer, “Yes, and I even have a Master’s degree.” Cliff was a participant in the senior adult day program that I manage in Shelton, [...]

A Story from an Angel: A Tale of Three Stops Along a Path by Steve Vale

A long time ago, I left the faith of my ancestors and went on a spiritual quest to find meaning in life, searching in many places, paths, traditions and practices. But the last place I would have looked (and in fact, the last place I looked) was in the spiritual path I grew up in: [...]

Nipped in the Bud, Thankfully. By Jackson Gillman

My earliest storytelling was while I was part of a cabaret troupe in the summer after graduating college. I had a solo spot in the nightly shows, and was using my mime background to do some original sketches. With some customers returning several times over the summer, there was incentive to keep coming up with [...]

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