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The Wonderful View, by Doug Hulen

This is an adaptation of an inspirational anecdote which has circulated for years, the source and author are unknown. This story can give us remarkable insight into just how well our imaginations can work for us, and for others, if we will allow them to do so. Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same [...]

Claiming Myself as a Storyteller, by Randi Moe

Claiming myself as a storyteller I was working at the local community college setting up short term job training for folks on public assistance, so I occasionally worked with the office staff of the various deans. The Dean of Instruction’s secretary had worked there forever and knew everything, so she was the one to ask [...]

Angel in My Pocket, by John Armstrong

Standing in front of the mirror, I suddenly noticed a stranger looking back at me. His hairline was almost gone, and the glow of youth had faded away. It hadn’t been long ago that I had said good-bye to my mother and my oldest brother, Virgil. Now I stood looking in a mirror as a [...]

Remembering Cliff, by Randi Moe

It was easy. It was easy just to stand there and hold his head up. He often said to me, “This is what you went to college for?” I’d smile and answer, “Yes, and I even have a Master’s degree.” Cliff was a participant in the senior adult day program that I manage in Shelton, [...]

A Tale for Learning, by Paul Dooay

In a time long ago, in a land far away, there was a small community of Buddhist monks. The oldest and wisest of the monks was the Abbot who came from a long line of abbots. However, in the monastery there was a novice, the youngest of the monks, and the first of his family [...]

Breakthrough Story, by Val Adolph

It was my first year as a teacher. Each morning 30 bright, open-faced seven-year old faces greeted me; the responsibility of guiding these wee souls for a whole year overwhelmed me. Each one was so totally unique. Their needs, their talents, their backgrounds were so different. I thought I would never be able to know [...]

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