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A Tale for Learning, by Paul Dooay

In a time long ago, in a land far away, there was a small community of Buddhist monks. The oldest and wisest of the monks was the Abbot who came from a long line of abbots. However, in the monastery there was a novice, the youngest of the monks, and the first of his family [...]

Breakthrough Story, by Val Adolph

It was my first year as a teacher. Each morning 30 bright, open-faced seven-year old faces greeted me; the responsibility of guiding these wee souls for a whole year overwhelmed me. Each one was so totally unique. Their needs, their talents, their backgrounds were so different. I thought I would never be able to know [...]

About the Breakthrough Story Contest

I held a contest for the best story I received about breakthroughs. The winner was to receive a $50 gift certificate, valid for any products on my web store. In addition, I included the story on this website, along with the author’s bio and a link to the author’s site. And I announced the winner [...]

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