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The Spinning-Plate Theory of Storytelling

Have you ever seen a juggler start to juggle plates?First, the juggler takes a plate out of a bag and puts it on a stick. Then she pays intense attention to it, gets it spinning until it needs just a small motion of her hand to keep spinning, and then turns her attention to the [...]

How to Make an Excellent Story Recording

In times of recession, competition increases for storytelling jobs. To earn a living when times are tough, you need to look for additional sources of income. One source is the growing demand for recorded stories on the internet. But you won’t make much money from story downloads unless your recordings are excellent enough to draw [...]

Learning Stories with BRIO

Stories are made of images, not words. Therefore, I recommend against learning a story by memorizing the words. But if you don’t start with the words, how will you practice your story? I recommend you practice by telling to live listeners. But suppose you have a willing helper to listen to you. How do you [...]

Are You Being Selfish in Your Storytelling?

By and large, storytellers are unselfish. Compared to some who practice other artforms and other livelihoods, we tend to be cooperative, sharing, and generous. But there’s a way in which I think we may be selfish – unintentionally. How? We don’t demand good enough help with our storytelling. You’re kidding, Doug, right? I’m not kidding. [...]

Would standards ruin storytelling?

If you want to get storytellers arguing, just mention “standards.” Some people claim that storytelling is suffering for lack of performance standards; others say it will suffer even more if we have standards.I’m not even talking about what is a suitable story or how to tell it. Rather, I’m talking here about PROFESSIONAL standards: how [...]

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