How to Login to the "Courses" Website

This document contains step-by-step instructions for accessing the private website for members of courses by Doug Lipman.

As a member of this online course, you will have access to discussions, resources and more via a special website, located at (By the way, this address will automatically redirect you to The login page can be reached directly at

In order to gain access to your course and its resources, you need to follow these instructions (which are partially summarized briefly in your order confirmation email).

One thing you'll need...

You joined this monthly course by registering at the Story Dynamics® store. When you registered, you entered your email address and password. Use the same email address and password for this page, too!

You should have received your confirmation email (with a subject of "Order Process") within a few minutes of completing your purchase. Your personal confirmation email, of course, will have your own name and address, etc., on it. It will also have a unique order number (instead of “XXX”, below).

In order to gain access to the course, you will need your unique enrollment key from the Order Process email:

1. Your Confirmation Email

Once you have your enrollment key(1) handy, you're ready to fire up your web browser and go to the course website.

Note: Your confirmation email contains a brief summary of these instructions (2).

2. Go to the "Courses" Login Page

1. Go to in a web browser (like Internet Explorer or Safari; the best for the Courses site is the free Firefox on either Windows or Mac OS). You will see something like this:

Fill in the same information you used at my online store.
Type your email address (1) and your password (2).
Then click "Login" (3).

3. Select the title of the course you enrolled for.

Click on the title of the course you enrolled for. For example, if you enrolled for "Pirates in Pajamas Story of the Month Club," click on its title (1).

Note: Some courses have more than one form, such as Deluxe or Regular. If your course does, click on the correct one. For example, click either "Beginning Storytelling Toolkit - Deluxe Edition" or "Beginning Storytelling Toolkit - Regular Edition" (2). (If you choose the wrong one, you won't be able to log in. Just return to the main page and click on the other choice.)

Now you will see something like this:

4. Enter Your Enrollment Key

Now paste in your enrollment key (1) (from your original "Order Process" email). Because the enrollment key is so long, it's usually easier to copy your enrollment key from your email by selecting it and using the "copy" command, and then paste it into your browser, than to try to type it.

Then click "Enroll me in this course" (2).

Note: If you aren't asked for an enrollment key, it has already been entered.

Congratulations! You've logged in.

Now, please complete your profile!

6. Complete Your Profile

If all went as planned, you are now viewing your profile.

If not, you're probably viewing the "Lesson Outline" for your course. In any case, you can always access your profile by clicking on your Username (e.g., "Testy Testor"), which appears at the top right of the screen whenever you are logged in:

If necessary, click on your username at that top right of the screen.

Now you are definitely viewing your Profile. (Of course, you'll see your name and info instead of "Testy Testor's".) It looks like this:

Click on "Edit Profile".

You'll see the "Edit Profile" screen:

Please note: None of this will be viewable by the general public, only by other course members.

There are lots of options here, but you can ignore all but a few of them. I suggest keeping the defaults for Email display, Email activated, Email format, etc. Don't change those items, unless you explicitly want to.

Enter your State/Province (1) and Zip/Postal code (2). Correct your Country (3) if it is not correct. "Shipping address" is optional.

If you want to be able to tell at a glance which forum posts by me or other members you haven't yet seen, choose "Yes, highlight new posts for me."

Important! Enter your timezone

Scrolling farther down, please set your timezone. This enables the software to show you the schedule of calls in your local time! Choose your continent ("America" in the example below), followed by the major city closest to you (i.e., the one on your same time).

If you live in Arizona, for example, you should choose Phoenix, because Arizona (including Phoenix) doesn't use Daylight Savings Time. So, even if you live in Ganado, Arizona and you're closer to Albuquerque, New Mexico than to Phoenix, choose Phoenix, because it shares your local time throughout the year.

Now add a description of yourself (1). Include why you're interested in this course.

If you like, you can enter any of the optional items.

The most likely one is a photo of you; to add one, click "Choose File". You'll be prompted to select a file from your computer; select the file name of a photo you wish you to us, click "choose", and your photo will be uploaded when you click "Update profile."

Now click "Update Profile."

Don't forget: at any time, you can return to your profile by clicking your name at the top of the page (your name appears at the top of nearly every page), where it says, "You are logged in as [your user name]."

8. Explore the forums and other resources

Now that you're logged in and have updated your profile, you can begin to explore the forums and other offerings on the course page.

Some things to do while you're waiting for the course to begin (and, with some courses, for your first CD to arrive):

a. Introduce yourself on the "Introduce Yourself" forum.
b. Read posts on the second group of forums (the ones that are shared among all my courses.).
c. Create an introductory entry in your Private Journal (perhaps a list of your goals for your course?).

Welcome to your course!


P.S., If you have any problems, please contact me at