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Song Lyrics

from The Amazing Teddy Bear

Cover of cassetteStories With Songs for Parent and Child

These are the words to the songs that the Amazing Teddy Bear sings in each of the stories and story-songs on Doug Lipman's CD, The Amazing Teddy Bear

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1. The Amazingest Teddy Bear

In the course of the story, the bear sings:

To me you are good,
You pat my head,
You kiss my nose,
I love you.

To me you are strong,
The night is short,
I'll stay with you,
I promise.

To me you're important,
He shouldn't yell,
Come talk to me,
I'll listen.

To me you are smart,
You made a bear,
You made a word
That's special.

2. You Are Amazing

The opening verse:

Just remember, you're amazing
And you can do anything in this world
With time, enough time,
and help, the right help.

The second verse:

Just remember, you're amazing!

Can you draw a flagpole, straight up to the sky
(a flagpole? that's just a straight line)
That is the shape that we call the letter "I"
(that's a letter? that's easy!)
Now try a roof with a beam half way;
(I got it)
That is the shape that we call the letter "A,"
(I know two letters!)

And you can do anything in this world
With time, enough time,
and help, the right help.

Later verses include these couplets about drawing the letters:

Can you draw a bed with a big problem?
The middle broke down, and that made the letter "M;"
Standing on its tail, a snake has success,
Winding forth and back and forth, and that makes the letter "S;"

Draw all the letters from the other days.
Now make another "M" and another of those "A's."
Now half moon rising, shining brighter than a star,
With one straight leg, one slanted leg, you've made the letter "R;"
Now try a scarecrow, simple as can be,
No head, no hands, you've made the letter "T;"

3. Look in Your Heart

Each time, the Amazing Teddy Bear sings:

Look in your heart,
What do you really want?
Look in your heart,
You'll find a tender wish.

4. Just By Having Fingers

Here are the complete words to this song-story:

When I was a boy, and things got rough
And whatever I did was never enough;
When the love I needed just wasn't there,
Then I would talk to my teddy bear.
Teddy bear listened patiently,
Then always sang this song to me:


Oh, just by having fingers, you tickle me.
Just by having toes, you curl me up with glee.
Your fists they make me pleased as punch,
Your shoulders give me a happy hunch
That just by being you, you're pleasing me.

Years later...when you were born, I was shocked
To see how you looked, and hear how you squawked:
Your skin all wrinkled, your face all red;
"You're not mine!" I almost said,
But remembered my Teddy bear's song, instead:


Sure enough, your every stride,
Each thing you learned filled me with pride--
Until one day, when you were two,
You learned to open up the glue.
The rug was ruined! I wanted to yell!
But then I remembered what I knew so well:


The year that I forgot to sing,
I lost my job; it changed everything.
We moved to the gloomy side of town.
I couldn't bear that I'd let you down.
Then one day you climbed up on my knee
And sang my Teddy bear's song to me:


So, now, we'll try harder not to spat;
There are lots of things to get better at.
But there's nothing special we have to do
To make you love me, or me love you.
There's just one rule in our family:
Anyone, anytime can say, "Sing it to me!"


5. A Good Hat to Wear Today

Each time, the Teddy Bear sings:

There are all kinds of hats in this world,
For working, for resting and for play.
Whatever kind of day
Life may send your way,
There's bound to be one hat,
And maybe more than that,
That's a good hat to wear today.

6. I Will Hold You

Each time, the Teddy Bear sings:

I will hold you 'til the tears have all flowed out of you;
I will hold you 'til the cold of fear's thawed out of you.
Until your story's told,
And your fiery rage grows cold,
I will hold you, I will hold you, I will hold you.

Near the end, the Teddy chants to the mother:

You don't have to be a goose to make a feather bed;
You don't have to be a mink to wear fur on your head;
You don't have to raise the food, just make sure your child is fed.

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