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Birds, Bread and Blessings

A Dangerous Hasidic Stories

Told and Sung by Doug Lipman, with 12-string guitar

CD cover of Birds, Bread and Blessings by Doug LipmanSome stories change you. In this program, Doug Lipman offers a dozen stories that have not only lodged in his heart, they have grown strong enough to change his heart’s landscape.

Don’t listen to these stories unless you’re willing to risk being changed by them, yourself!

These stories and songs weave the lives and lessons of rabbis from the Jewish mystical tradition. You will meet wise Jewish men, who ask puzzling questions, who cry and hug when they need to, and who laugh when you’d least expect it.

Their stories will amuse, bemuse and nourish you; above all, they’ll stay with you, rattling around in your mind and heart long after the last “Yai, dai, dai” has been sung.

Doug with guitar in woods"Lipman is among those bring storytelling into the present." - Christian Science Monitor

"A rock-steady presence...finding eager eyes and ears." - Washington Post

"To hear Doug Lipman tell stories is to want to learn to tell stories yourself." - Boston Globe

Age: High School through Adult

What Stories Are On This Recording?

This 68-minute recording contains 11 stories, 4 "wordless" songs and one story-song.

For a complete list of stories and songs, please view the program notes.

Jay O'Callahan photo

"Moving and well-conceived!"

"A performance that will open your heart and your mind. In that sense it is truly dangerous. Watch out!"

Jay O'Callahan, Marshfield, MA (Winner, Storytelling Circle of Excellence Award)

Listen to a free sample

The Joyful Rebels (introduction to the recording):

Jay O'Callahan photo


"I have loved Hasidic tales [for thirty years], and now, thanks to Doug, I have a few more to add to my collection. Once again, I feel blessed."

John Callahan, Lehigh Valley, PA

For more information of any kind, please use Doug's contact form.

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