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Go Green with Your Stories!

Get recordings—either of stories or of how-to info—in eco-friendly, convenient downloads.

Stories are environmentally friendly, by nature. They don't require electricity, fill landfills, or harm furry animals. They just require another human to tell them!

But recordings of stories are usually sold on petroleum-based, non-biodegradable CDs that will eventually show up in landfills.

Fortunately, there is an earth-friendly solution: get your recordings electronically!

You can listen to your downloaded stories and professional secrets:

  • on your computer;
  • your iPod or other mp3 player; or
  • by burning them to CD on your own computer. (At least you save the earth from shipping and packaging materials, not to mention the energy required to transport them to you!)

To give you the recordings you need for holiday travel or just to fortify you and boost your business during depressed economic times, I have introduced downloadable mp3 versions of six of my most popular recordings.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that you save over 50% in the process!

The Professional Storyteller's Collection

Professional Storyteller's Collection - photoNow you can buy three vital recordings for any performing or teaching storyteller, via download. And you can save even more by buying all three at once.

Learn to market yourself and your products, record your stories or workshops easily and efficiently, and put together an integrate storytelling life that energizes (not exhausts) you.

You can order any of these as an mp3 download that will play automatically on your computer (or as CDs):

Or you can save even more by ordering the collection containing all three.

The Adult's Collection of Stories

Adult's Story Collection coverMy three most recent recorded performances include my heart's own story, The Soul of Hope, which is, itself, an antidote for times of despair.

The three recordings now available as downloads are:

  1. The Soul of Hope: A Mystical Adventure Tale
  2. Can You Hear the Silence: Hasidic Stories for the 21st Century
  3. Storytelling Companions: The Farewell Concert (with Jay O'Callahan)

Or you can save even more by ordering the collection containing all three.

The Mother of All Downloads

Download any one of these 6 recordings (one featuring the great Jay O'Callahan) for as little as $10.47. (Most are 2-hour programs costing $19.98 to download.)

Or by either collection and save.

But to gain the most inspiration and savings, order both collections. (To order both, just go to either the Adult's Collection of Stories or the Professional Storyteller's Collection and add the other one in the menu at the bottom.)

Questions About mp3 Downloads?

If you're not used to downloading files from iTunes,, or one of the other music sites, you may worry about this process. Here are some frequently-asked questions—and their answers!

Are They Durable?

You may worry that you will lose a download on your computer. Don't worry! You can easily re-download your purchases from my store—up to 5 times! And if you exceed your limit but still don't have a copy, let me know; I'll get you another copy.

Not only that, you can burn your downloads to CD for reference, or to listen to in a CD player.

How is the Sound Quality?

Mp3 is a compressed format, which is why the files are small enough to download on the internet.

The bad news about compression is that compressed files are never as pristine-sounding as the files on a CD.

But the good news is that mp3 uses "smart compression," so the sound quality (at least of well-configured files like the ones on my store) is quite good. In fact, if you listen in a noisy environment (like your car, etc.) you won't notice the difference.

In the case of the recorded telephone seminars in the Professional Storyteller's Collection, there is no difference in sound quality. The telephone conversations, although clear and easy to understand, are easily converted into mp3 with no loss of quality.

Is My Computer in Danger When I Download a File?

Here's the key idea about harmful vs. helpful downloads:

If you click a link for a download on a reputable site (like mine, of course, which is secured by Thawte and also carries the "Verified Merchant" seal), it's always okay to accept a download.

But if you just open a page and the website volunteers to download something, you should never accept it!

Keep that simple rule in mind, and you'll be in good shape!

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Yours in storytelling,

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