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One Little Candle

Participation Stories and Songs for Hanukkah

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Cover of One Little Candle recording

by Doug Lipman

Join right in with rhythmic repetition, singing, and surprising sounds - in a joyful celebration of the Feast of Lights, for Jews and non-Jews alike.
Each story has an inclusive message of warmth and hope, exploring the Hanukkah themes of light, renewal, and standing up for the right to be yourself.

This lively recording also features singable songs for family participation.

Web page exclusive! Step-by-step participation instructions - for letting children join in when you tell the stories.

Praise for One Little Candle

logo of the Bulleting for the Center for Children's Books

Lipman celebrates the miracle of Hanukkah in six stories and songs.

In the tale "I Want to Spread the Word," one small candle thwarts a demon and spreads the word that the Jews have won back their temple from King Antiochus; in "Hanukkah Smiles," the generosity of one little girl starts a chain reaction of helpfulness that ends with the craftsmen in her village rebuilding the school.

Upbeat and full of repetition, Lipman's songs invite audience participation. The themes of light overcoming darkness and the renewal of the Jewish culture are presented in age-appropriate terms.

This recording will be especially appreciated during the Hanukkah season by Jewish families with young children."

—Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books (University of Illinois)

Sign on the historic Somerville Journal buildingDoug Lipman, a storyteller and musician, has just released a new edition of his Hanukkah recording, "One Little Candle," a series of six all-original participation stories and songs for the Feast of Lights.

A recording for Jews and non-Jews alike, it spins and weaves a message of warmth, hope, and belonging.

"One Little Candle" explores the Hanukkah themes of light, renewal, and standing up for your right to be yourself.

Featuring Lipman on six-and twelve-string guitar, five-string banjo, bass guitar, flute and clay drum, "One Little Candle" allows parent and child to join right in with rhythmic repetition, singing and surprising sounds in a joyful celebration of the holiday.

—The Somerville Journal (Somerville, MA)


One Little Candle
Doug was inspired by a workshop (by the excellent folksinger Robyn Helzner) on "Jewish songs for children," to create this true accumulative song for Hanukkah.
The Shammas Candle
Doug gave a workshop at CAJE (Conference for the Advancement of Jewish Education) about making up stories for the holidays. During the session, one of the attendees, Rabbi Don Rossoff, commented, "Hanukkah is partly about being Jewish in a non-Jewish world." This started Doug thinking how to promote self-pride at Hanukkah. A few months later, he re-cast a folktale (sometimes known as "The Stonecutter,") in which a lowly stonecutter seeks power, and is transformed successively into a wealthy man, the sun, a cloud, the wind, the mountain, and, finally, back into a stonecutter. "Shammes" means servant, and usually refers to the beadle of a synagogue. The shammes candle is the "servant candle" - the ninth candle on a Hanukkiah (Hanukkah menorah) - which is used to light the others.
I Want to Spread the Word
To compose this story, Doug drew on Jewish folk-legends of demons, such as the centuries-old stories of King Solomon battling and besting the King of the Demons. Doug's intention was to let the figure of the demon represent destructive, discouraging tendencies - in a concrete form that young children could grasp. Demons have been included in the folklore of certain Jewish communities (based on contact with their Middle Eastern and, later, their European neighbors) but are not part of the Jewish religion in any form. Jews created monotheism, and have never condoned deification or worship of any beings except the One Creator. In no way should this story be taken as condoning the worship of demons, or even as taking them seriously as real beings.

The Light Is Shining Inside Me

Doug wrote this counting song on an airplane, typing it into his laptop computer. Who knows what the passenger next to you is creating!
Hanukkah Smiles
Once, Doug sat with some Jewish storytellers in a restaurant - in a region of the country where few Jews live. Their waitress implored them to buy dessert; she was one sale short of winning a bonus for selling thirty desserts in one week. They decided to buy the dessert and have the waitress give it to a man sitting alone at the next table. The man looked very surprised and pleased. As they went home, they began to speculate about the effects of their good deed. Would it affect the man's ideas about Jews? Would it affect his actions that day? Out of that experience, Doug created this story.
I'm Gonna Light My Menorah
Doug created this song after reading a Hassidic interpretation of Hanukkah's "inner miracle," which caused the Maccabees to light their oil when they knew it was insufficient.
CD cover for One Little CandlePerformed by Doug Lipman, with storytelling, singing, guitar, 12-string guitar, bass guitar, flute, 5-string banjo, and Tof Miriam (clay drum).
Cover photo: (c)1990 Susan Wilson

Price: $10.97 (downloadable mp3); $15.97 (CD).

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This recording can also be purchased at a discount as part of the Jewish Stories for Children Bundle (a bundle that also includes the recording Now We Are Free.)



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