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"Does Your Storytelling Really Matter?"

Hopeful Thoughts to Keep You Telling
…Even When Times are Hard

Download this 73-page book now (completely searchable) - or I'll ship you a hard copy.

Fully Guaranteed! If you're not inspired by reading this, I'll refund every cent you paid!

"Your words are beautiful! So, well chosen ... so expressive ... so touching ... so absolutely "spot on" ... I broke out in goosebumps several times as I read them. They are choice! I want to share your wisdom with with the world!

"There is no one ... no one at all ... in my opinion, who can "speak about storytelling" as eloquently as you, Doug." - J.G. "Paw Paw" Pinkerton, Stamford, CT

Read the table of contents

The Question in the Middle of the Night

It's the question we all lie awake with, in the middle of the night.

During the day, I'm active. I pursue my lofty ideas about how storytelling can benefit me, my friends, my community, perhaps even the world.

In the middle of some nights, though, when the wind blows dry and cold, I lie awake wondering, "Does my storytelling really amount to anything?"

Every storyteller I know - famous and unknown, experienced and just starting out - faces those nights. What remains to be seen is not whether you will have such nights. Instead, the unanswered question is what will you do when they are over?

I can't promise you that, in your lifetime, you will live to see your vision become real. But I can tell that, if it's ever going to come to pass, it will be because a lot of people - you in particular - get up the next morning after a hard night of worries and keep telling your stories.

The Bag of Treasures

Thomas Hart Benton said, "The only way an artist can fail is to quit." That's the only failure! Therefore, one of the most important talismans in your storytelling hope chest is the little bag of treasures that help you remember that you can go on.

So this little book is meant to be something you can put in that bag. Something you can take out and examine when you need to remember, "Oh, yeah. It does matter."

Order now!

"Not only is it highly informative, but serves as an effective stimulant to get me off of 'dead center' and pointed in the right storytelling direction. You are to be commended for doing it." - Emil McVeigh, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

What We Need, in Order to Remember

To remember that our work matters, we need more than just puffy exhortations and cliches.

We need details and ideas we can grab onto. Toeholds where we can rest our feet and hands while scaling the long cliffs of daily life.

We need to know, not just that our work matters, but how it matters. That's why this book has fifteen chapters divided into six main sections:

  1. Your Storytelling Matters…in Hard Times
  2. Your Storytelling Matters…for Reaching the Next Generation
  3. Your Storytelling Matters…in a Diverse Society
  4. Your Storytelling Matters…in Modern Times
  5. Your Storytelling Matters…for Leadership
  6. Your Storytelling Matters…for Hope and Gratitude

Want to know exactly what's included? Read the Table of Contents

"Thank you for your articles, I always seem to find something that I need just at that moment." - Brendon Daly, England

"You breathe new life into all of us in more ways than you could ever imagine."
- Gladys Coggswell, Frandford, MO

Download - Or Hard Copy

No waiting! You can choose to download Does Your Storytelling Really Matter today.

Once you have the book on your hard drive (in the prevalent Adobe Acrobabt or "pdf" format), you will have completely flexibility with it. You will be able to:

  • Read it on-screen. Easy navigation - jump from section to section without fussing with page-turning.
  • Print it out (and even put it in your own choice of binder)
  • Make multiple copies for your own use. (But not for others - please encourage them to support this project, so that other unique resources can follow.)
  • Back it up. Once you have it in electronic form, you never have to worry about cluttering your shelves with it, leaving it on the bus, etc. Let the paper copy get wet or dirty- you can always print out another.
  • Search it. Want to find the place where I talk about why storytelling is not a frill? Just search for "frill." Looking for the story of the French 6th-grader who taught us all a lesson in stories and diversity? Search for "French." There it is!

On the other hand, you may prefer to buy an old-fashioned paper copy. For just $7 more (plus shipping & handling), I'll send you a hard copy in a binder.

"I don't usually write to famous storytellers because I know how busy you are, but in this case I have to make an exception to say, 'Thank You.'

"What a beautiful, timely, profound article. I feel as if you have
lavished me with an extremely expensive present. The weather is below frigid and I was suffering from the dreary winter blues. Your article has primed my storytelling pump and uplifted my spirit to a new high."
- Gladys Coggswell, Frandford, MO

Nervous about downloading? Just let me know when you order the download, and I'll email you the book as an attachment. (Note: the file size is 710k, which is large for an email attachment but not huge. Even on a slow 28k dial-up connection it should take under four minutes to download.)

I Guarantee You Will Find This Inspiring

I believe in this book. I will stand behind it, 100%.

Here's my guarantee. Buy the book - either the download or the hard copy. Read it - or as much of it as you wish. If you don't agree that this is an invaluable addition to your storytelling arsenal, I will refund every penny you paid.

Why can I make this bullet-proof guarantee? Well, I've already gotten raves from every chapter. All but one of the chapters were highly acclaimed when they were first published in other forms. And I have read aloud the unpublished "Look Who Came Up the Beanstalk" to dozens of workshop attendees, who loved and were moved by it.

Here's are two responses to the first version of "Discovering the One and Only You":

"I was thrilled! 'Discovering the One and Only You' told me everything I've been trying to say to myself. Can there really be such a community - one that can help me reach my goal of breaking the comptetitiveness caused by isolation and fear of differences? What a wonderful world!" - Kathy Black, Fort Worth, Texas

"Amen! Sometimes we forget the fundamentals, and I feel refreshed and pleased to be nudged back on track. Really, Lipman isn't talking only about attitudes in storytelling - his reflections apply to creating a more accepting and loving society." - Joan Buchanan, Quebec, Canada

Here are some responses to earlier versions of other chapters, most of which have garnered requests to be reprinted. That's the true test, I believe, of someone believing in a piece of writing - wanting to publish it for a new group of readers:

  • Order now!

    "I am re-eiting my Masters' thesis and struggling to clarify the ideas you laid out so effortlessly about storytelling, leadership and the storytelling movement. These articles are very uplifting to my spirit." - Nina Serrano, Oakland, CA.

    "Thank you for your article and the 5 reasons to be thankful! Worn down by a terrible cold they put some light into my day!" - Beate Grieben-Francis,. Somerville, MA

    "This one touched me deeply and gave me a magnificient
    view from another perspective. Thanks so much. - Bob Gingerich, York, PA

    "I really thank you for your articles. They've been nurturing of the storyteller in me that has not had much watering in this difficult year." - Melea Brock, La Crescenta, CA

    Order now!

    Want to know exactly what's included? Read the Table of Contents

    Go to online store.



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