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Table of Contents of...

"Does Your Storytelling Really Matter?"

Hopeful Thoughts to Keep You Telling
…Even When Times are Hard

Download this 73-page book now (completely searchable) - or I'll ship you a hard copy. Read the full description.

Fully Guaranteed! If you're not inspired by reading this, I'll refund every cent you paid!

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Table of Contents

About the Author

Introduction:  Does Your Storytelling Really Matter?

The Bag of Treasures
Why Does This Book Have Six Sections?
My Hope For You – And Me

Section 1: Your Storytelling Matters… In Hard Times

Is Storytelling Still Important?

Where Does The Story Start?
What a Story Evokes - for Different Folks

Storytelling in Hard Times?

How About Now?
Why Does Storytelling Matter Now?
The Relationship Balance
Want Security?

Are Stories an Antidote?

The Bad Things Were Still Happening. But...
Who Else Needs a Little Balance These Days?
Your Band of Story Friends?

Section 2: Your Storytelling Matters… For Reaching the Next Generation

Can Storytelling Teach Children Respect?

When Do We Show Children Respect?
Giving the Flesh Along with the Bones

The Screaming Boy and the Power of Story

"Diego Becomes a Hero," by Judith Black
Diego's Tough Day
Diego Tells Back

Look Who Came Up the Beanstalk

Telling to the One Who Doesn't Understand.
Five Words That Changed Us All
Stories Sew Us Together

Section 3: Your Storytelling Matters… In a Diverse Society

Sneezes, Stories, and Pulling Together

How to Be Stronger
Three Tools for Connection
Helping You By Being Me

Discovering the One and Only You

The Varieties of Interpretation
What Does This Story Mean To You?

The Turnip

Assuming That Differences are Valuable.
The Fallacy Of "Plain Vanilla"
Blurred Issues Brought into Focus

Telling Stories From Cultures Not Our Own
Hardening of the Categories
Putting On the Style
More Traditional Than Thou
"Thank You For Not Evaluating"?

Letting Every Voice Be Heard

Section 4: Your Storytelling Matters… In Modern Times.

Why Hi-Tech People Need Low-Tech Storytelling

We Need Narrative
We Like to Imagine
We Hunger for Community
We Yearn to Interact
Email Is a Story-Friendly Medium - Mostly

Is Storytelling Happening Here?

Three Ways to Be Controlled
The Light of Science - Or, Is Storytelling in the Dark?
Six Things NOT to Do in Storytelling Studies
The One Thing to Always Do

Section 5: Your Storytelling Matters… For Leadership... 57

Can We Lead Through Stories?

The Tools We Carry
Opportunities Ahead!
Here There Be Dangers!

What If They Don't Like Me?

The Morning Mitzvah
The Scratchy Beard

Section 6: Your Storytelling Matters… For Hope and Thankfulness

Does Storytelling Make Us More Human?

Suspend Judgement
Know Each Other
Be Hopeful
Are We Paying Enough Attention To This?

Hope is Not for Sissies

The Hardest Emotion
Storytelling Nourishes Hope
1. Storytelling Tempts People To Listen To One Another
2. Storytelling Builds Empathetic Relationships
3. Storytelling Empowers Us
4. Storytelling Can Be a Universal Art Form
5. Storytelling Can Make Us Bigger.

The Five Blessings of a Storyteller

1. The Tools of Storytelling
2. Being a Tradition Bearer.
3. Those Who Support Me
4. Being Able to Use My Whole Self
5. Being Part of a Hopeful Community

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