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"If you are looking for story material tried and true, this is the book you are looking for."—Jimmy Neil Smith, Director, International Storytelling Center

Ready-To-Tell Tales

Sure-Fire Stories from America's Favorite Storytellers

You can order this item online as part of my Telling Stories to Children Resource Bundle.

Edited by David Holt & Bill Mooney

"I can't imagine a more helpful book for the beginning or the seasoned storyteller." - Roberta Simpson Brown

Anyone who has watched a master storyteller mesmerize an audience without benefit of set, props, or musical score, has wondered: “How do they do that?” This book gives the answers.

The trick, this anthology tells us, is in the material. And the 40 contributors should know. They are some of America's most popular storytellers, each of them sharing a story guaranteed to work in front of the most demanding audience.

And that's not all. In addition to a delightful story, each teller has included tips for unlocking the story and telling it in performance.

This multicultural collection includes stories from Africa, India, ancient Greece, Egypt, Japan, the British Isles, Mexico, Thailand, as well as African-American, Cajun, Appalachian, Jewish, and Native American oral traditions.

Includes the story "La Muerta," by Doug Lipman, mentioned in the article, New Tales From Old.

A pleased reader wrote of success based on this book:

Just wanted to give you some feedback about the Godmother Death story in the book.

Anyway, I told the tale to a collected group of 5th graders at a local elementary school. They were in the throes of a Mexican Culture studies program, done by the teachers guide outline and dry as sawdust. The story, no thanks to me but on its own merits, had them slack-jawed and wide-eyed from the start of paragraph two to the end.

Better, the teacher told me she threw the program guide into the circular file, and both classes did a nosedive into Mejicano culture for the next three weeks.

Me, I'm just grinning like a barracuda over the feedback and that the young people greet me in the halls of the school with an "Hola, Senior Diaz."

Bravo and kudos to you.
Good Fortune. Ming

School Library Journal wrote: "This is an extraordinary collection... This volume is highly recommended for public, school, and professional collections; it deserves a place on the shelf beside other storytelling classics."

Price: $19.95 paperback

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