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Storytelling Games

by Doug Lipman

You can order this item online as part of my Telling Stories to Children Resource Bundle.

Or you can buy it singly from

Cover of book

Creative Activities for Language, Communication and Composition Across the Curriculum

"A first-of-its-kind
resource for educators
that offers creative and fun-filled strategies
for sparking oral expression."
--Whole Language

"The games encourage flexible thinking and imagination, and reinforce learning."
--Teaching K-8

"Very easy to use...a well thought out tool with lots of potential for use"--Off the Loom

New York Public Library logoThis book, Storytelling Games, is listed as a recommended "Additional Resource" on the New York Public Library's (with the Connecticut State Library) list of 104 Books Every Child Should Read.

"Educators have long recognized the importance of oral language in the development of complete language skills. However, little has been known about how to exercise those skills in a playful and practical way. In Storytelling Games, Lipman demonstrates the use of storytelling games as a fun and effective tool for developing oral language skills in children.

"This spirited book shows how to incorporate storytelling into curriculum plans and daily classroom activities, enabling teachers to review history or math lessons in a playful way while exercising oral language skills." --Whole Language

"What's a story game, you ask? A story game is one in which players tell stories. Some games require paper and pencil, some others require props and yet others require only a few minutes of time. Some story games use traditional tales, others use personal experiences or original stories.

"The format of the book gives the suggested grade levels for the game, props needed (if any), a rating of difficulty and the game type such as a guessing-a-sound game or round robin and so on. A summary of the game is given, the game directions (step-by-step), and the skills reinforced, e.g., communications skills or thinking skills.

"The book is further formatted to cover various areas of the curriculum, [such as] language, social studies and math. A game-finder index, a subject index and a cultural background index make the book even more valuable.

"The sub-title of this book is 'Creative Activities for Language, Communication, and Composition Across the Curriculum.'The book certainly provides all of that."--Teaching K-8

"Excellent resource for teachers and tellers alike!
Doug Lipman never disappoints, and this book is no exception. He provides a wealth of language-based activities that can not only enhance storytelling abilities, but can be used to reinforce classroom skills and concepts or provide a fun team building game.

"The games are rated and ranked in every possible fashion, making it easy to choose just what is needed for a group; by age group, by level of complexity, by cultural background, by type of skills emphasized, all neatly indexed in the back of the book for quick reference. There are games for math and science, games for learning about cultures, games to enhance oral communication skills.

"The introductory chapters provide rationale and ideas for creating a joyful learning environment. Each game is described fully, with a script to make it easy for one to pick the book up and try a game when a few minutes are left at the end of class.

"Even adults can have fun with these games. I haven't laughed as hard as I did when I used one during a storytelling session I was hired to do with a family holiday gathering. I used the game "Letter Relay," in which the group had to build a story, taking turns sentence by sentence. Sounds easy? Here was the catch. Each subsequent sentence had to begin with a word that started with the last letter of the last word in the previous sentence. By the end of the evening, mysterious boxes had been left on doorsteps, containing magical Beanie Babies that transported the recipient to all kinds of strange and wild adventures. All of us in that living room were transported into fits of laughter as the story wound its way to a very final conclusion.

"I highly recommend this book, and encourage families in particular to try some of these games instead of turning on the tv. You won't be sorry."—Gwyneth Calvetti

Price: $41.95

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