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We All Go Together

Creative Activities for Children to Use With Multicultural Folksongs

You can order this item via my on-line order form!

Cover of book

Book-cassette combination:
Everything you need to use folksongs with children!

by Doug Lipman

An all-in-one
with songs,
creative activities,
games, and
curricular tie-ins

Read the reviews:

For the total beginner...

If you've never dared use music with children before, this will get you started and take you as far as you choose to go.

If you can't read music or carry a tune, this collection will allow you to bring the joy of musical activities to children.

For the experienced music teacher...

If you're an experienced musician or leader of musical activities with children, this collection will add:

  • 140 activities and
  • 30 unusual versions of folksongs
to your repertoire.

For everyone who lives or works with children...

No matter what your experience, this is the only book that fully explains the sequences of activities that guarantee matching the activity to the child!

You'll be taken through singing games from the simplest preschool versions, building gradually to challenging play-parties for grades 4-6.

Within each type of game--

  • chasing,
  • choosing,
  • guessing,
  • hiding,
  • rhythm, and
  • line and circle games
--you'll learn the simplest forms and how to add one difficulty at a time. You'll learn how to guide children in movement from the most elementary activities through establishing large-body control and cooperation.

You'll also learn the fun of making new verses to songs, starting with simple, one-word substitutions, and leading step-by-step to multi-syllabic rhyming verses.

Curricular, Background & Follow-Up Material

The 30 folk songs in this collection represent African-American and Anglo-American traditions, with samples from Hispanic-American, Bulgarian, English, Irish, Israeli, Jamaican, Korean and Ghanaian folk cultures.

An extensive chapter titled Background, Curricular Tie-Ins and Follow-Up Resources is divided into sections on:

  • Work Songs,
  • Religious Songs,
  • Dance Songs,
  • Game Songs,
  • Ballads and Other Folksongs.
This chapter gives:
  • the history and cultural context for each song
  • extensive references for recordings and print resources.
This chapter equips you to use these songs as starting points for exploring wide areas of the historical, geographical, & multi-cultural curriculum.

The sources for the songs are noted in detail, and the extensive index allows you to find subject-matter connections from apples to Westward Expansion to women's roles. Special indexes for music teachers list the songs by melodic and rhythmic content.

Audiocassette included!

The accompanying cassette contains all 30 folksongs, sung and played by a variety of voices--children and adults--showcasing 15 different folk instruments.

Over ten years in the making, this collection gives you a unique, integrated view of music-making with children--and everything you need to put it into practice immediately.

Price: (sorry, this item is out of print)



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This page was last updated on Friday, November 28, 2003