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Complete Web Package

Do you wish a storytelling expert would just make a web site for you?

How about a storytelling expert who:

  • Is an expert coach, having helped hundreds of storytellers express their unique visions through storytelling.
  • Is also an expert marketer.
  • Has designed sites for numerous others, including Jay O'Callahan, Marni Gillard, and Pam McGrath.
  • Has earned tens of thousands of dollars via his own web sites.
This is a limited offer, just to the first five people whose applications I accept. In addition, you must either already be hosting your web site on my server ($13.95 a month - a great deal for a professional-strength server) or you must sign up for my server now.

If you're interested, email me at , with a brief description of you, your work, and your hopes for your web site. I'll reply via email within a day or two at the latest.

Here's what the package includes, in just five easy steps

  1. Talk on the phone.

    I'll talk with you via phone - for up to an hour - about your needs, desires, and resources.

    We'll come up with a plan (including what the name of your domain should be, the visual style and colors you'd like, what information you should include - and not include - on your site, etc.) that suits both you and the people you want to reach.

  2. Domain name.

    I'll register your domain name for one year - at my cost of $8.95. If the name you want is taken, I'll research other names that may also meet your needs, and register the one you choose.

  3. Give me your info.

    I'll send you a form to fill out, requesting the additional information and program descriptions, etc., needed to carry out your plan.

  4. Check out the site.

    When you return the form (along with any photos you want scanned), I'll create the web site we've planned and post it to my server. Give it a look; I'll make any needed changes.

    Then you'll be done! You'll have a professional web site! Beyond that, you'll have a site with a clear goal, accessible code, good navigation - and all the other qualities of a good storytelling site.

  5. Free updates.

    Up to four times in the next year, I'll update the info on your site, at no extra charge. Just email me the changes or additions you want, and I'll post them. No need to hire someone just for updates, or to learn to do it yourself.

Can I afford such expert help?

Normally, I would charge you by the hour for such a project. A simple 5-page site might take 4 hours all together. A 10-page site (the maximum for this package) might take twice that. So you'd pay $500 to $1000 - not counting the domain registration fee or the updates (another $125-250).

But, in the next four weeks only, I will create a complete, turn-key website for just $350.

I've never offered these services so cheaply before, and I probably never will again.

To begin the process, email me your intent at . If I don't already know you, include the brief description of yourself, your work, and your hopes for your web site.

Once the five slots are filled, this offer will expire. Please send no money until your application is accepted. Yours in storytelling,


Doug Lipman



Doug Lipman

152 Wenonah Road, Longmeadow, MA 01106 U.S.A.
Phone: (781) 837-1940
Alternate Phone (rings the same line): (413) 754-6728
Fax (toll-free): (888) 300-6665

This page was last updated on Friday, November 28, 2003
Copyright©2003 Doug Lipman