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Reflexion Spam- and Virus-Filtering Service

Are you tired of deleting spam and worrying about viruses?

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Yes, there is way too much spam coming to your email account (and all of our accounts). And that's even with SpamAssassin implemented server-wide. And malicious viruses are a constant threat. (Even if you're using a virus-resistant computer like a Macintosh, you can still inadvertently spread viruses to your friends' Windows machines.)

Most of all, your time is valuable. And dealing with spam - although it can't be entirely eliminated - should be as simple and easy as possible. That includes eliminating it in the first place whenever you can.

As a result, I've recently installed an optional third-party spam and virus-filtering solution that I'm making available for an extra fee. It's called Reflexion Total Control; once I enable it on your account, all viruses* will be filtered out before they ever reach you! In addition, you get a Reflexion web page that allows you to see your "spam quarantine."

* Sadly, a few unwanted emails are able to bypass the filter system entirely; this is true for any system. But the vast majority enter—and are caught by—Reflexion Total Control.

I chose Reflexion Total Control over competing services because it is 1) dependable and 2) very easy to use.

On your Reflexion Total Control web page, you have, well, total control:

1. You can easily trash what comes there or allow it to pass on through.
2. You can "whitelist" addresses to allow them to always pass through.
3. You can set the level of filtering to high, medium, or low.
4. You can even (if you prefer) set it up to always block unknown addresses until you specifically approve them. I find this setting too severe for me. But if you don't expect much email from strangers, this is maximum protection!

Those are the core features. A bonus feature that I love is "on the fly" addresses:

5. Address-on-the-fly

Suppose you go to and are asked for your email address, but worry that the address you give will be given to others by Amazon. Let's say your email address is [email protected].

In that case, you just type in a made-up address like

[email protected]

Anything beginning "yourname." will work.

Then, the first time that you get an email to [email protected], you'll be prompted to allow it, and be told where it came from. If you need to "cancel" that address, you can do so at any time without changing your primary [email protected] address. Cool, huh?

Wow! This feature can prevent you from ever again having to "retire" an email address because the spammers got it!

6. You can also have a "control panel" automatically added to the bottom of each incoming email you get. If the email is from "[email protected]", for example, the control panel will look something like this:

Total Control Panel Login
To: [email protected] From: [email protected]
Message Score: 9 High (60): Pass My Spam Blocking Level: Medium Medium (75): Pass Low (90): Pass
Block this sender / Block / This message was delivered because the content filter score did not exceed your filter level.

In the above "control panel," you can just click "Login" to get to your Reflexion web page. Or you can click on "Block this sender" to blacklist that sender automatically from now on. Similarly, you can click on "Block" to block ANY address from the domain "" automatically, from now on.

7. Unlimited Aliases. Your Reflexion account can also protect, at no extra charge, any email aliases you have or may set up in the future, like "[email protected]", etc. Just choose the "Add new alias" menu command on your Reflexion web page. You'll enter the alias address once, and it will be protected from then on.

What Will This Magic Cost?

The charge for all this is just $3 extra a month.

Please note: this service is only available if you host your website on my server, either with or without the optional Easy Web Update System.

Free Trial!

If you'd like, I can set up Reflexion Total Control for you on a trial basis. Try it for a month; if you don't like it, I'll remove it and won't charge you for that first month.

For me, just the spam filtering plus "address-on-the-fly" are well worth the price.

Let me know if this appeals to you.

All the best,

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red arrow pointing right - order now!  Your next step: To order the Reflexion Total Control service (or a 1-month free trial), just use my contact form. If your site is on my server, I'll set it up within a couple of days.

If you don't yet have a site on my server, please first visit either:



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This page was last updated on November 9, 2008
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